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Textile Design


weba Limitless

With Limitless, the Weba weaving mill located in Appenzell, has for the first time managed to develop a suitable fabric made of merino wool to produce business shirts. Merino wool is characterised by its particularly fine, long fibres and has a range of noteworthy features: It has an anti-bacterial effect and therefore has anti-odour properties; it helps to regulate the body’s temperature, above all through its ability to absorb moisture; it possesses a fine, generally peasant feel; it offers natural UV protection; it is stain-resistant, easy to wash and creaseresistant – particularly beneficial for shirt material. As a result of these features, merino wool has attracted a great deal of interest in recent years, above all in the area of outdoor clothing, where it is now increasingly being used as an ecological alternative to environmentally polluting synthetic fibres. Limitless is now unlocking a further important segment of the clothing industry to this sustainable natural material.

Comments of the nominators

The fact that the Swiss textile industry is a reliable supplier of product innovations, has been shown this year by the Weba weaving mill with the new type of fabric called Limitless. The fine material produced on the basis of merino wool is already proving popular through its wonderfully soft feel. The large number of functional advantages of the fabric, which arise from the use of the natural material, justify the expenditure on development and should secure the fabric great market potential.