Textile Design

Annette Douglas Textiles

Annette Douglas Textiles AG:
Annette Douglas, Marco Gruber
Weisbrod-Zürrer AG: Oliver Weisbrod
EMPA Akustik und Lärmminderung:
Reto Pieren, Kurt Eggenschwiler

«Silent Space» from Annette Douglas Textiles ACOUSTICS® is a collection of acoustic curtains, consisting of light, transparent and flame-retardant acoustic fabric with excellent sound-absorption properties. The fabrics were created in the course of a two-year KTI [Innovation Promotion Agency] research project, in which the designer Annette Douglas cooperated with Empa Dübendorf and the Weisbrod weaving workshop. The starting point for the project was the conviction that the spaces where people work and communicate are urgently in need of sound-absorbing surfaces. The object was to develop a light and transparent material in preference to the heavy impenetrable acoustic curtains commonly in use, so as to allow light to enter the room and retain a sense of connection with the outside world.